YinYang Meditation/Floor Pillow

Made using recycled fabrics & materials.


Cushion feels firm when seated. Helps maintain posture while meditating.


Handmade "yin yang" design cut from black faux fur + Stone & Bone canvas recycled from a previous collection. PU leather trim with a PU leather quilted base. Filling created by scrap fabrics & hand cut recycled garments. Handle for easy carry & hand drawn "koi fish" red label on side.


8" hidden zipper allows for sifting of the fill or allows for the customer to recycle old garments like tshirts/sweats to give more cushion.


weight (may vary on fill type) is roughly 10 Lbs. Fill will naturally compress.


SIZE: 21" Diameter 


YinYang Meditation/Floor Pillow

  • Roughly 10Lbs

    (may vary on fill type)