Upcycled + One of A Kind

A spotlight on one of our favorite forms of creation: upcycled one of a kind pieces. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of investing in a wearable original piece of art.

Every piece we make has a piece of us in it. Our hearts + souls go hand in hand into every detail. When it comes to creating our favorite upcycled one of a kind pieces there is a special magic woven in. Pulling inspiration from our own experiences, places, seasons, stories...

Add that in with the unknown (and sometimes known) stories within the upcycled garments and materials themselves, these are wearable art pieces with deep roots. The uniqueness and special bond of owning something no one else has is an artform that has been lost to the fast fashion world. We have found personally and through the feedback of our customers that adding one of a kind items to your wardrobe gives a new sense of connection to your personal style, a change in perception around consumption + waste, and a drive to take better care of your possessions ultimately leading to a future of opportunities for your clothing rather than in a landfill. Whether it is one of our personal premade one of a kind pieces or something you custom order, we know you'll find the importance, excitement, and inspiration that comes with fashion that serves as art.

Here are some of the best benefits of investing in a one of a kind piece:

1. Science shows that what we wear has a huge impact on our overall well being. Called "enclothed cognition" coined by scientists from Northwestern University. Enclothed Cognition involves the "co-occurrence of two independent factors -- the symbolic meaning of the clothes and the physical experience of wearing them," which can affect our moods, health, and confidence. Putting on a one of a kind garment that no one else has (alongside the juicy meanings, memories, and stories behind them) most assuredly will positively affect you everytime you wear it assisting in boosted confidence, performance, and more. (Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 2012)

2. A new study says that North Americans alone throw away 9.5 million tons of clothing every year- and the worst part? 95% of those textiles could be reused or recycled. By owning an upcycled piece you are helping reduce the waste associated with the fashion industry, and contributing to a new way of life through limiting consumption of new materials while squashing the idea that buying used isn't cool. A win for the environment and your wardrobe. (Recycling Council of Ontario, 2018)

3. Owning a one of a kind piece increases the desire to take care of our possessions. So when you feel your time with your upcycled piece is at its end, there are a wide variety of opportunities to give new life to your piece. The uniqueness and rarity of one of a kind pieces makes them desirable to keep alive and your care for the piece should ensure its longevity. Once you no longer have the desire or ability to own, repair, or continue caring for your 1/1 there will be a good home waiting for it. Whether it be passing it down to someone important, selling to someone else, or giving it back to us to undo and redo the piece all over again- you can ensure your garment will stand to last the test of time and impact many different lives.

Shop our one of a kind pieces here, or fill out this form to contact us about your own custom one of a kind.


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