Winter Isn't Over Yet

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

February is here, Spring teasing us ever so often. But for today, the snow continues to fall down here in Montana. The temperature sitting at nine degrees, before it drops to somewhere around negative 20 or 30 with the wind chill by tomorrow night. When you live in a climate like Montana, you really never put away your Winter gear until May... maybe even June? If you're like us and are still facing the Winter head on, or really just dig the style of the season (trust us, we try to make our pieces as versatile as possible, comfortable for year-round use if desired), our F/W 18' collection is still available until March, and we have added a new piece!

Still Available:

Winter Sol Trench Coat: Made from recycled materials to create this unique 1/1 jacket. Perfect year round on those cold + wet days. Size Large.

Sol Corduroy Turtleneck: the fiery pop that keeps you warm + cozy with an extra large turtleneck style + sweatshirt-like fit. Made to order.

Roughneck Hoodie:

Made to face the elements, this organic cotton hoodie features black faux leather western yoke detailing and a black bolo style pull cord. Added warmth + wind resistance with our hand quilted bandana style neck/face cover that is installed comfortably into the hood.

Made to order.


3D Bubble Sherpa Face Mask

Made to face the Winter.

Our Winter mask is made of a Polyurethane 3D Printed bubble shell that is water repellent and wind resistant. Paired with a Sherpa lining that is comfortable and breathable. The shell has 2 venting grommets to allow for excess moisture and air to circulate out.

+ Velcro strap for quick and tight fastening.

Made to order. Limited Availability.

All products are unisex.

For larger sizes above XL, please email krownedkrew@gmail.com

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