Behind Our Spring 18' Collection

Since Krowned's beginning in 2014 we knew the goal was always to design and create handmade products that modeled the change we want to see within the fashion industry (and the world), while opening up the doors to our own vast expressive desires to create exclusively from our full creative capabilities. Krowned has morphed many times in the last 4 years on the never-ending journey to find ourselves. However, this collection is a pinnacle transformational moment into our future. Formulating our first 100% handmade collection was a step deeper into our dreams.

The Spring 18' unisex collection is inspired by our native landscapes during the cross periods between Winter + Spring which intermingle often. Composed of high quality materials with a concentrated intuitive creation process. Each piece contains characteristics inspired by Springtime but fits universally for all times of the year. We strived to create a collection that would not only serve multi-use styling and layering functions for limitless expressive control, but also levels in maximum quality that promotes absolute longevity.

0.1,2 Mountain Sagebrush + Vantablack Taslan Pullovers

The first two pieces in this collection is our Taslan Pullovers. This windbreaker style pullover was created to be both a functional outdoors and eccentric styling piece. The main fabric is a wind resistant and water repellant nylon engineered to feel more like cotton. Accompanied with the nylon is a bolo style pull cord, elongated thick rib knit turtleneck that serves multiple stylistic uses, and high rib knit fitted cuffs. Fitted slim and long cut.

The Mountain Sagebrush Taslan Pullover is inspired by one of our favorite Spring attributes here in Montana: Sagebrush fields on a rainy day.

The bolo style pull cord was inspired by the classic western accessory. Red to symbolize the vibrant willows along the waterways this time of year.

The Vantablack Taslan Pullover is a bold piece perfect for those moody Spring days. This one color style keeps clean detail with a chest centered vertical seam.

0.3 Thick French Terry Krew Neck

Springtime in the Rockies ensures a wide range of weather that calls to be resourceful in your wardrobe. This game changer piece was inspired by just that. The Thick French Terry Krew Neck fits right in with the Spring collection providing an elevated quality sleek piece. Featuring a wide scoop collar and raw edges on all openings. Formed to provide both clean style and comfort beyond comparison. The fit is baggier making it great for extensive layering when it's cooler out and as a lone piece on warm days.

0.4,5 Utility Mesh Hoodies

In 2017 we debuted our first edition of the Utility Mesh Krop Hoodie in black. For Spring 2018 we decided to expand on the piece creating a clean white version as well as a full length addition alongside the Krop. The versatility of the Utility Mesh Hoodie makes it ideal for layering and multi-use styling. Guaranteed to last, the quality will never dull.

This collection was made for daring individuals who enjoy quality indulgence in self-expression through making an investment into pieces that can last a lifetime. By creating limited, exclusive, and quality handmade products we are striving to engage and create within a culture that finds pride in sustainable and ethical fashion.

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