KROWNED is a sustainable fashion label focused on recycling, reusing, and upcycling vintage or otherwise landfill garments & fabrics to create one of a kind pieces. All designed by hand.



"Our sole purpose is to challenge and evolve fashion to a higher understanding of what our impact on this world is and help transcend the consumer mind to a more unique and aware state pushing forward a new age of circular fashion."




Krowned has been through many evolutions since it’s beginning in 2014. Co-creators Kal Leamer + Kenna Allison worked through the trials and triumphs of running a label in the small mining town of Butte, Montana nestled near the mountains. The town’s mining history has left deep scars in the land. The most haunting of which is a mile long, half a mile wide, over a mile deep acid pit, and not the good kind of acid.


After 3 years of focusing on high quantity production of screen printed t-shirts, and hoodies, we became more involved with environmental activism and discovered the truth. Often times our artistic creations cause environmental and human destruction somewhere else in the world, this is why we began to ‘upcycle’ clothing. Fast fashion is one of the world’s leading causes of anthropogenic climate change. It is the second highest polluter of greenhouse gas emissions next to fossil fuel companies. Tie that in with the harm being caused to the people producing the clothes on our back, there is a net negative cost to our consumption. 


We are two individuals that honor our connection with nature. We both had to witness the destruction of the natural world before we realized that we were not living in alignment with our own morals. 


We had to evolve. 


Our journey into sustainable fashion began by creating upcylced, unique 1/1 pieces, giving new life to used clothing. It lit a fire in us that couldn’t be tamed. Kal returned to his roots and started creating patterns for limited batch cut and sew collections, sparking the full transition over to sustainable fashion. Today we are solely focused on upcycling vintage clothing, creating limited batch and custom cut and sew pieces with ethically sourced and ecofriendly materials. Offering the ability for others to create a "Kustom" with us.


We want to provide the world with unique products, resources, and insights into what we believe are necessary lifestyle changes. We all have to adopt these lifestyle changes to mitigate the effects of anthropogenic climate change. If we don’t, our planet will continue to melt. Our species needs to evolve to meet the needs of the planet as well as our fellow humans. We are the caretakers of this world. Through our art we hope to make a difference and uplift the voices that are crucial to creating real change. We hope you will stick around with us as we continue to evolve and grow.

Butte, Montana is on Salish-Kootenai land. Hear what they have to say about Climate Change here: